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This site was designed to support the NC State Extension Master Gardener training program. It provides a series of visual learning exercises to reinforce the plant morphology aspect of the program (Chapter 3 in the NC Extension Gardener Handbook).

How-to: After having thoroughly reviewed the material in Chapter 3 of the handbook, simply click on any of the tabs above to navigate directly to the relevant exercise. The tab order follows the order that the various aspects of morphology are treated in the handbook. For each tabbed page, first study the central illustrations or images to review the basic terms. Then, study the unsorted images in the left vertical bar carefully and drop each thumbnail into an appropriately labeled box on the right. Clicking on a thumbnail will expand its size and show greater detail. Once you are satisfied with your work, click "Submit" to check yourself. A dialog box will then appear to let you know how many thumbnails you have correctly placed (please know that clicking "Submit" simply initiates a function to check the placement of thumbnails; no information is submitted to any person, nor are any submissions stored or retrievable after you close your browser). Clicking "Return" on the dialog will allow you to return to your work in the unlikely event you have inadvertently missorted a thumbnail. Thumbnails can be moved from one box to another at will. Clicking "Clear" or "Reset" will delete all your work for a fresh new start (you can also simply refresh your browser). In some instances, multiple aspects of morphology may be represented in a particular photograph. In these cases, the desired aspect is indicated either by arrows, lines, or shaded ovals (either reddish or whitish).

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