Key to rankings

G = good control
F = fair or inconsistent control
P = poor control
** = ranking based on limited experimental data
? = insufficient data are available to provide a ranking at time of publication

Rankings are based on the authors' research data, experience, and label interpretation. These rankings are intended as a guide to relative effectiveness of these preemergence herbicides in container nurseries only. Actual results may vary based on herbicide rate, weather conditions, substrate, irrigation practices, and other factors. No warranty is expressed or implied. [TOP]

Controlling nursery weeds requires an integrated management approach including scouting to identify infestations early, frequent hand weeding and sanitation around the nursery to prevent spread, selection of the most appropriate herbicide(s), and a continuing commitment. [TOP]

Here provided are the relative effectiveness of some of the most commonly used preemergence herbicides on container nursery weeds. Only the herbicides most commonly used by growers have been evaluated; this is not a comprehensive listing of all herbicides labeled for use in nursery crops. [TOP]

Before using a preemergence herbicide, always check the label for application directions, lists of tolerant crops, and other guidelines and precautions. [TOP]