V u l p i a


Vulpia (named in honor of the late Dr. William Basil Fox (1915-1952), first curator of NCSC [fox: latin vulpes]) was one of the first, exclusively online, peer-reviewed, botanical journals. The journal was active for approximately ten years, from 2002 to 2012. Coverage included taxonomic treatments or keys to native and cultivated plants for the field, classroom, or forensics, exsiccatae supportive of treatments in floras, detailed discussions of nomenclature and typification, and pedagogical contributions.

We founded the journal as we felt that at the time there were a variety of scholarly areas that had no or insufficient outlets for publication. For example, many journals were reluctant to publish lengthy exsiccatae supportive of treatments in floras. We are very pleased that much has changed over time and that exciting new opportunities are now available for publishing such data in a much more sophisticated manner than we could ever hope to do with our limited resources. It was never our intent to compete with other journals, but merely to fill a void we believed existed at the time. Given the changes in the journal landscape over the last ten years, we no longer feel there is a need for Vulpia. We do not endorse any particular journal, but readers are invited to check out the Pensoft collection of journals as an example of a very multi-faceted publication program. We hope that additional journals will follow this lead, pushing descriptions of new taxa to EOL or similar platforms, exsiccatae to GBIF, etc., etc. For all those that have supported Vulpia through the years, we extend our heartfelt thanks.

We are committed to continuing to make available papers published in Vulpia in the past and have no plans to take down the web site or remove articles from the Directory of Open Access Journals.