University Certificate in Field Botany

The University Certificate in Field Botany was developed by faculty in the Department of Plant and Microbial Biology and the Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources. The certificate is open to both undergraduate and non-degree studies students (NDS). The certificate is designed to enhance the competitiveness of students in or seeking careers requiring skills in field identification and plant taxonomy.

The certificate is course-based, requiring successful completion of the following four, semester-long courses at the undergraduate level: Local Flora (PB 220), Dendrology (FOR 339), Rare Plants (PB 464), and Systematic Botany (PB 403). Systematic Botany is the only course of the four that is taught in spring semesters. The other three are taught in fall semesters. None of the courses are offered online.

Course details can be found using this tool:

Undergraduates currently enrolled at NCSU can begin taking courses for the certificate at any time. Note: To avoid potential conflicts with senior capstone courses in certain NR and FER concentrations, please make sure to discuss timing of course selection with your advisor. In some cases, Systematic Botany (PB 403) conflicts with senior capstone courses, so is advised to be taken in the spring of the junior year.

Those interested in NDS should see here for information on how to apply:

Undergraduates or NDS students should complete the following form to officially declare the certificate:

For more information, contact the certificate coordinator: Dr. Alexander Krings (