Use policies

With prior arrangement with the Curator, the collection may be used by all qualified faculty, staff, and students from any institution or agency in any state or country, as well as by any qualified amateurs.  Persons working with the collection are expected to understand its organization before removing any specimens from the cabinets and to properly refile all specimens taken.  Any questions concerning proper positioning of material should be addressed to the Curator.  Care is to be maintained for the collection and all specimens at all times, including, but not limited to the following.  Complete guidelines may be found in our policy manual.

1. Under no circumstance is any plant material that has not been frozen by Herbarium staff permitted in the herbarium.  Persons wishing to bring plant material into the herbarium should contact the Curator well in advance.  Specimens are frozen as a means of pest control at -20 deg. C for 48 hours.

2. Food is not allowed in the herbarium.

3. Specimen sheets must be handled with care.  Do not bend, break, or tear the sheets, nor turn them face down.

4. Do not leave specimens on counters for extended periods of time or out of the cabinets overnight.

5. Any loose plant pieces must be placed in the attached fragment pocket.  If a sheet is lacking such a pocket, notify the Herbarium staff.

6. Under no circumstances may material be removed from a specimen without permission from the Curator.  Any dissection of plant parts likewise requires the permission of the Curator.

7. Evidence of insect damage should be reported at once.

8. No books, theses, or other reference material may be removed from the herbarium.